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We Customize Footwear to Fit the Individual Foot

Problems with our feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve disorders, and circulatory disorders.

Practice Good Foot Care

Patients with ulcers, Lymphedema, or Foot and Leg Swelling can be measured and fitted for a suitable and effective pair of Compression Garments, available in different levels of firmness and size.

Check your feet regularly, or have a member of your family check them. Podiatrists and primary care doctors (internists and family practitioners) are qualified to treat most foot problems.

Shoe Modification

  • Re-sole shoes (Berkinstock, Leather, Rubber, etc.)
  • Custom heel lifts
  • Stretch shoes
  • Repair velcro and leather straps
  • Rocker soles
  • Increase arch support
  • Buttresses, Metatarsal bar, Wedge, and more!

Pedorthic Evaluation

  • Digital foot analysis
  • Shoe evaluation
  • Off the shelf and custom-molded foot orthotics
  • Custom-made foot orthotics (refurbishing)
  • Custom-made Shoes for Diabetic Patients
  • We specialize in hard-to-fit shoes for patients wearing Arizona Brace-AFO, Foot Orthotics,fused ankle, hammer toes, bunions, etc.

Custom Shoe Modification

Custom Shoe Modification Custom Custom Shoe Modification

"Where Function Meets Comfort"

Where Function Meets Comfort Where Function Meets Comfort

from: Lenny's Workshop

Quality Shoe Service & Repair

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If you're in the city of Philadelphia for business or pleasure and have a need for mobility, Lenny's Pedorthics and Orthopedics will happily accommodate your needs.

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